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Things you need to know about electric cars before you buy one

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been watching the new series of Formula 1, been browsing through the channels and have ended up on a Formula E practise and wondered ‘what’s with these strange, practically noiseless cars’? It’s becoming harder and harder to escape the rise of the electric car, especially with Tesla making

The Hidden Damage of Rear end Collisions

Rear-end collisions account for around 1 in 4 road traffic accidents in the UK.  Our faster and busier roads mean that drivers often don’t leave enough space between themselves and the vehicle in-front; people get distracted, and sometimes simple accidents just happen out of the blue.  Often rear-end collisions seemingly cause little to no damage. 

Are electric cars safer in an accident?

Thinking of making the switch to an electric car? Beyond the price, which is often a sticking point for many, one of the most frequent questions that comes up is just how safe they really are. A principle concern is the amount of research and development that has gone into these cars. The market is

What does it mean to be an NBRA repair garage?

We are proud to be a member of the NBRA (National Body Repair Association), but we are often asked by our customers what that means and how it benefits you as a customer. Today we’re going to share with you a little information regarding the NBRA, to help you understand the benefits of choosing an

Don't Risk a Flat Tyre in Winter!

Flat tyres are the second most common breakdown in the UK, after battery problems. The reason for this is down to the cold winter weather.  It’s the air inside your tires that supports them and when the temperature drops, so too does your PSI.  This isn’t to say that your tires are leaking! Did you know?

How Winter Affects Your Cars Paintwork

During the winter months, when it’s cold, wet and icy we often hide inside in the warm and dry.  Your car doesn’t have that luxury. The exterior of your car is exposed to a lot in the winter months: Icy rain, sleet, snow, mud, slush and grime.  While it’s not winter precisely that negatively impacts

How to Avoid a Winter Breakdown

A breakdown at any time of year is not a great experience, but winter is probably the worst time, especially in the pre-Christmas rush, getting to shops, visiting family etc..  Getting stuck in the cold weather is not something anyone wants, and since a breakdown could happen anywhere, there’s no knowing how long you may

Car Batteries – Common Cause of Breakdowns

Most people’s understanding of a car battery is that it somewhat takes care of itself; as long as the car is running, the battery is generating power.  This is partly true however it doesn’t stop the 500,000 plus battery related breakdowns the RAC alone attends every year. So what’s going on? Batteries are among the

Common Summer Breakdowns & Staying Safe

It looks like summer has come early as much of the country enjoys glorious sunshine and 20c temperatures this week.  As more of us are expected to hit the roads, more breakdowns are likely.  But does the warmer weather really affect your vehicle?  And what checks should you be making before heading off on a

Are you Prepared for a Car Breakdown?

One of the most common fears drivers have is breaking down.  While you can’t prevent a breakdown entirely, keeping your car maintained will significantly reduce your chances.   While we hope it won’t, it could happen to anyone. So it’s best to be prepared. All drivers should be mindful of what to do in a breakdown