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Kent Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Repair

Do you need a reliable garage for your electric or hybrid vehicle?

Have confidence in a specialist, trained team close to Canterbury, Kent.

Our mechanics have attended intensive training to allow them to safely work with modern electric vehicles.

Did you know?

  • Electric vehicles use high voltage batteries which can reach 650v.
  • Contact above 110 volts can be fatal

Electric vehicles pose a risk of death to mechanics with no training.

Our team are fully trained. Call us: 07702 603004

Protect your investment

Electric cars are crammed with high voltage components.  Currently EU law allows any mechanic to work on your vehicle, don’t take the risk!

They may not be completely different, but electric cars pose unique dangers that should be considered when conducting repairs.

  • Batteries can release harmful , explosive chemicals if damaged or handled incorrectly
  • Components can retain dangerous voltage even if the engine is switched off
  • High voltage cabling and components must be considered

Wouldn’t you rather have fully trained electric mechanics work on your vehicle?

We are forward thinkers

We have invested in our EV (electric vehicle) offering to enable us to provide one of the most reliable electric car repair services in Kent.

Electric and hybrid vehicles are now more affordable.  More charging points are being installed across the country every day.  But there is a big shortage of trianed mechanics to service them.

Armstrong Paint Specialist have developed a reputation for quality vehicle repair in East Kent.  Customers can now experience the same affordable, premium quality service for their electric and hybrid vehicles.

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