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How Winter Affects Your Cars Paintwork

How Winter Affects Your Cars Paintwork

During the winter months, when it’s cold, wet and icy we often hide inside in the warm and dry.  Your car doesn’t have that luxury.
The exterior of your car is exposed to a lot in the winter months: Icy rain, sleet, snow, mud, slush and grime.  While it’s not winter precisely that negatively impacts on your car body, the effects of it do.

Salt corrodes your paint work

One of the principle causes of damage is road salt, especially if you drive on motorways and busy main roads.  Rock salt that up untreated corrodes away your paint work and particularly affects the metalwork beneath your car.  Over time this can degrade its visual appeal and even affect the resale value.

Protecting your car

Particularly if you have a new vehicle, or custom paint job, you will want to protect the visual appeal of your car as long as possible.  A few small, inexpensive actions can help to protect your paint job these include:

  • A good quality wax to your car’s exterior.  This will help to add a layer of protection from the winter elements & salt.
  • Reapply the cover with a spray wax after some time to keep the protection throughout the winter.
  • Don’t neglect to clean your car.  It is when rock salt remains on the paintwork that it is given time to eat away at it.  Pay particular attention to the underside of your car when washing to protect the metal there as well.   This is where the majority of road salt and grime end up.
  • Don’t use a cloth! This could scratch any salt against your metalwork, instead use a bucket or hose to apply water directly.

It’s also a good idea to give your car a thorough clean after the winter to ensure any remaining contaminants are cleared away.
So there you have it, be mindful of salt and protect your car’s paint job this winter.