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Steps to Choosing the Right Body Shop

Steps to Choosing the Right Body Shop

Whilst most people have a preferred car garage, for MOT’s and general repairs. They may
For most people the need for a body shop is less common.  Unless you find yourself in a bump, scrape or worse you may have no need for a body shop. But that doesn’t make it less important.
Body shops are employed to faithfully restore vehicles after collisions, transform them with paint jobs and body kits.  They are the place you might go after an unfortunate bump or scratch.
So how do you choose the right body shop?
By asking the right questions you can be sure that you will get the quality work you would expect. 

Is the place secure?

Depending on the type of job you need your car may be at the body shop longer than it would at a normal garage.  The work could take from a day to a week or more to complete.
Because of the nature of the work body shops tend to keep vehicles in for longer periods.  It’s important that your vehicle is kept safe and secure.
Be wary of the security in the surrounding area, ask how the stop is secured, levels of insurance should something go wrong etc.

What is the warranty like?

All good body shops will offer a warranty on their work.  Most if not all will offer a lifetime warranty.  If the shop you are looking at doesn’t offer a warranty, or gives a short one, look elsewhere.

Quality of materials

Ask whether they work with used or factory grade parts.  Manufacturers always recommend using factory parts; however in some cases used parts can be of sufficient quality.  Be sure to check so you know what you are getting.
When it comes to removing scratches and restoring the paint on a car, most body shops will use a quality make of paint.  You want a paint that will last, particularly if you choose to completely change the style for aesthetic reasons.
When re-painting small areas matching the right color is key.  A good body shop can faithfully reproduce the exact color with fine precision.  Professional paints offer a more durable finish, protecting against dust, scratches and peeling.
For full repainting jobs to truly stand out and last the test of time, opt for the best quality paint available for your budget.
You could always ask what paint brands the body shop uses and do your own research to get an idea of the quality you can expect.


Following a knock or collision you want a reliable body repair that gets your vehicle back (or as close to) what it looked like before.  Equally if you choose to have customisations done like a new paint job, or body kit, you want to know that everything is going the way you expect.
Do they fully explain all charges?  How often will they keep you up to date?  Do they allow you to check up on repairs by visiting the shop?  If so how often?

Evidence of quality work

Unless you know someone who has personally worked with the body shop you are thinking of using, it can be hard to determine whether they are trustworthy or not.  Some steps you can take to determine their quality of work is to look online.
Almost all car garages have an online presence, simply searching their name in Google might bring up reviews from past customers, a search on their website of Facebook page might also show pictures of work carried out.  A good indicator is to look for authenticity.  Legitimate looking pictures that aren’t stock photos give you some gauge as to the work they do, and the quality.  Some body shops might take this further with case studies on their website or social media.  This might give you an idea of the process involved, perhaps what products have been used.  It shows a good deal of dedication and commitment to document past work, so its always a good sign.
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