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What Are Smart Repairs?

What Are Smart Repairs?

SMART Repair
SMART or (Small and Medium Area Repair Technique) repairs are a method of car body repair which localizes the repair, saving both time and money.
Common types of SMART repairs include small dents, scratches and scuffs to the bumper and damage to alloy wheels.
In many cases it is not possible to know who caused a dent or knock in a car park for example.  If you can’t get the insurance details from the other driver then you may need to make a claim on your insurance.  This is where SMART repairs can help.

Advantages of SMART repairs

One of the biggest advantages of choosing SMART repair is not needing to make a claim on your insurance.  Very often small dents and scuffs can be repaired for less than the cost of your excess, keeping your no-claims bonus.  In this case SMART repair becomes a favorable option.  SMART repairs are usually completed on the same day as they’re started too, so you don’t need to keep your car in the body shop for longer than necessary!

How SMART Repairs Work

Body repair technicians who employ SMART repair techniques use paints that are practically identical to your existing paintwork.  They prevent the need to re-paint the whole side of your car because of a small scratch or dent.  This means that the locally affected area can be restored for a much smaller cost.
Small dents that have not impacted the paintwork for example, can be repaired by gently manipulating the area to remove the dent without the need for paint or filter.  These techniques don’t mean that the job is of less quality, simply that it is more “precise”, a SMART repair will help to bring the problem area back to “like new” condition.
Armstrong Paint Specialists provide body shop repairs and expert paint restoration services in Aylesham, Kent.  We provide quick and affordable SMART repairs for minor dents, scratches etc..
To find out if we can provide a SMART repair for your vehicle, give us a call: 07702 603004